Jack The Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 10 )

  I had no doubts, that she would be a good catch, She was beautiful, intelligent, relatively unspoilt, she would make the perfect wife for a successful young doctor. I looked across at Roly, by the far away look on his face, he was harbouring similar thoughts as my own. This was cause for concern, I didn’t want rivalry, ruining our friendship.

After an excellent meal, we once again thanked the Dean for his invitation and took our leave. Isabelle escorted us to the door, kissing each of us on the cheek, as she hugged us to her. We were both surprised and delighted by this unexpected show of affection, but as we landed outside on the pavement. Even more confused?

Were we both being manipulated by the Dean and his Daughter, or were we both making mountains out of molehills, we were young and unsure. We may know everything about the Human Anatomy. But we knew nothing of the whiles of young ladies seeking husbands.

From that moment on, Roly and I had gained a third. At the weekend, and after classes, and whenever her own duties would allow it. Isabelle became an integral part of our group, it was looked on with humour by our other friends.

I can understand that, Both Roly and I appeared to be paying court to the lovely Isabelle. But to us it seemed normal, there was no malice or rivalry between us!

But then Isabelle, was a very sophisticated and independent young lady. My friendship with Roly had nothing to do with my feelings for Isabelle. And I am assuming that friend Roly thought likewise, he certainly never hinted otherwise.

Life continued this way for the next three years, until just before our graduation as fully-fledged Doctors. Both Roly and myself had excelled in all aspects of our training and were both expected to go on and have highly successful Practices.

Now, unfortunately, it was decision time. Isabelle, if she wanted to marry, had to make her choice. Either me or my friend Roly, it was her choice, neither of us intended to pressure her. We both loved her, we both wanted her as a wife, it was that simple, or was it!

(c) Damian Grange 2017




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  1. Great writing, don’t know whether it is you or me that should be worried. Healthy competition between us is good. Keep up the great writing and let us see. 👍👍💋⚘❤

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