A Hell Of A Night

  Many years ago, when I played bass guitar in a Show Trio, we were just about to leave for our Sunday night gig, When our Agent rang, and said I appreciate that its rather short notice, but can I change your venue, Apparently the singer in one of the Agents other bands had taken ill, and he was having to do a little juggling to make it right. It wasn’t a problem, so we set off for the altered venue.

Distance wise it was a few miles farther, than the original venue, we arrived on time, but with little time to set up our equipment. Which at that time consisted of four Keyboards and stands, a full drum kit with two bass drums, my bass guitar and all the amplifiers and speaker units.

Due to time constraints we set up behind closed curtains. As it was a Miners Welfare we expected we were doing our normal cabaret set, We went to the dressing room, changed in to our evening suits, frilly shirts and bow ties. We were ready to start.

We went in to an instrumental version of George Shearing’s classic, ‘Lullaby of Birdland’ as the curtains opened, Shock, Horror, we were playing Jazz Piano to a roomful of angry looking Hell’s Angels, not a particularly auspicious opening to the night.

But being hardened musicians we changed tack, programmed a Sitar Patch on the Moog Synthesiser and went in to the Rolling Stones, ‘Paint it Black’ our version lasted ten minutes, including two drum solos and a sitar solo. Then we did another ten minute version of the Spencer Davis classic ‘Gimme Some Lovin’

These two songs were the length of our first spot, we announced who we were, and said we were taking a short break. Initially deadly silence, then as one, they all started clapping and cheering, it seemed we had won the over.

As we headed for the bar, for some liquid refreshment, one of the Angels stopped us and said, ‘Great Music, but what are you wearing?’ i’m afraid our only answer was to nod our heads and head to the bar, Rapidly!

(c) Damian Grange 2017



Photograph – Courtesy of Pinterest







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