Casanova – One Girl too Many ( Excerpt 2 )

  Giacomo was getting increasingly impatient, damn the girl, where was she, he was stood here exposed to the elements, shivering from the cold, when he could in all fairness be in the warmth and comfort of another’s bed.

But, then he thought once more of Francesca Lupino and her veiled promises, he couldn’t help but smile, so young, but so much to offer a man like him. Then his thoughts turned to the missing girls, he was not involved, but someone in Venice was attempting to implicate him, Who? a jilted lover, a cuckolded husband, the list was endless.

Surely all his past mistakes, were not coming back to haunt him, He was a libertine and seducer, didn’t people understand his calling. The fact that he was also a Vampire was co incidental, but could that be the answer he was seeking. Was he the only Vampire in Venice or was it something much worse!

He heard a noise and his hand moved to the hilt of his sword, but it was just the rippling of the waves, as a boat passed by, deeper in the lagoon, Damn, he thought now I am jousting with shadows. I’ll give her a moment or two more, and then I’m off to another warm bed, there is no shortage of offers, I do have a certain reputation with the fairer sex. Which I work hard to keep!

I was just about to go, when I heard a feminine voice whisper, ‘Giacomo, are you there, my love?’ It was Francesca, finally. ‘ I am here, Francesca, let me see you!’ a door opened in the wall and I could see the arc of light shining from it, I went to the door and entered the Pallazzo, Just in front of me I could see Francesca beckoning me inside. I walked towards her and the door slammed shut behind me. Had I walked in to a trap!

(c) Damian Grange 2017

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