Double in Trouble – Excerpt 10

  My contact from M.I.5 arrived almost to the second, as we had arranged. When I admitted her I was pleasantly surprised, she was both young and attractive. She introduced herself as, ‘ Katrina Villiers, but please call me Kat, this is after all, an informal chat!’

‘ I’m Jim Swanson, a professional photographer by trade, where would you like me to start, it’s a rather long and confusing story, I’m stuck in the middle of it and groping for a safety net !’ was my opening remark. ‘ I suggest!’, said Kat, ‘That you explain it, the best way you can, and then we’ll pick over the bones and see what’s left.’

‘ To the best of my knowledge, this all started a month ago, I was filming in Belgrade, when a man comes over slaps me on the shoulder and calls me Pyotr, I tried to explain that I wasn’t Pyotr and things got a little heated, from what little I could grasp of his language, the guy was insistent that I was Pyotr.’

‘ I found out later that Pyotr’s given name is Palenkov, and I believe you may have him on file, among your most wanted!’ I stated, pausing for effect. ‘Yes!, I am very aware of Pyotr Palenkov, what happened next ?’

‘ We finished the shoot, came home, then bang! Next thing I know I’m in a cell, presumably somewhere in the Middle East, presumably a prisoner of the Taliban, I’m kept incarcerated for what I guessed was a week, it may have been longer, I had to obviously have been drugged!’

‘You are certain you were drugged?’ ‘ I must have been, one minute, I’m here, Next I’m in a cell, my clothes are gone, all I have is a black tee shirt and tracksuit bottoms, no shoes or socks, I was given three meals a day, if you can call lukewarm watery broth, food!’

‘Have you any idea why you might have been imprisoned?’ Kat queried. ‘I know why! so that my so – called saviours, would have a hold on me, they are working some con of their own which involves me impersonating Palenkov!’ I angrily replied. ‘ You say, your saviours! who are they? she asked, I thought that she might know?

(c) Damian Grange 2017


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