Casanova – One Girl too Many

  Giacomo Casanova stood trembling, not with anticipation, but from the damp breeze blowing off the lagoon. Despite the chill it bought in it’s wake, Giacomo loved the smell it sent his way. That odour of damp and decay, that smell that pervaded Venice. It was almost evocative of his favourite aroma, the smell of rotting corpses in the charnel house.

He was growing exceedingly impatient, he was stood close to the side door of the Lupino Pallazo. For several days he had been pursuing the eighteen years old Francesco Lupino. She had led him a merry dance, but he had held her in his arms, and now he waited, for tonight he would consummate her love, and make her his creature.

But above all, he had to be cautious, many girls were going missing in Venice, and he had heard from his confederates that his name had been mentioned as a possible suspect. He had considered going away, somewhere warmer like Florence or Padua, but his reputation would no doubt precede him and Venice suited his lifestyle.

He made no apologies for being a libertine, if a woman or girl attracted his attentions and welcomed it, then she was fair game and she took her chances with him. Accidents may have happened from time to time, but not on the scale that was happening at this time, he had no part in it, neither did he want any!

Francesca Lupino, The girl who was supposed to admit him to the Pallazo, was the daughter of one of the richest men in Venice. Although a relative newcomer, he had his fingers in many pies in the city. And a man like Giacomo, could have use of a sponsor like him, the mention of his name alone could open many previously shuttered doors.

To be Continued …….

(c) Damian Grange 2017

8 thoughts on “

  1. An intriguing beginning, Malcolm.

    It sounds like this particular Casanova might be a vampire.

    Girls he takes advantages of going missing.

    Unless of course in addition to being a libertine, he’s also a travel agent offering really good package deals out of the country.


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