My Best Friend

  My best friend is kind, generous, sympathetic in fact she has so many wonderful qualities. She has a child – like enthusiasm for everything she attempts, her writing which I must admit is starting to give me cause for concern. she has created a few memorable characters with her slightly strange imagination.

Like myself, she was an only child and also like me, learnt from an early age how to entertain herself, whether through the use of glove puppets, dolls or the imaginary friends. It is all these little quirks that have made her the person she is.

She lives to be creative, she does photography, water colours, crayon and pastel drawings and all manner of other things. If the end result looks satisfactory, then she is one happy bunny. If not she occasionally gets frustrated, but soon bounces back.

She is quite adept in the kitchen too, if we eat out, as we occasionally do, if we enjoy the meal a week or so later she will do her own take on it, not necessarily the same, but always extremely edible. She would love to lose weight, but it will never happen.

However, the real loves of her life, are her babies Claudia and Salem, our cats. She is like a doting mother with them. But that is endearing too, I consider myself a very fortunate man to have a best friend and daughter in law like I do. Amanda! sweetheart this one’s for you!

(c) Damian Grange 2017

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