Double in Trouble – Excerpt 8

  ‘In a months time, Palenkov goes in to a Swiss Clinic for a minor throat operation, after which he will be advised to speak as little as possible. Our intention, is to kidnap him from there and replace him with you, your voice will be Sergei, who is working with us.

‘Ok!, just say that I agree to all this, there as to be more to it than you are telling me, I want to know the full picture, or forget it !’ I stated angrily, and meant it.

‘Palenkov, has managed to get his grubby hands on six nuclear warheads, his plan is to auction them off to the highest bidder, just for a moment consider what might happen if that were North Korea or Iran, or any of a dozen other volatile regimes. World peace would be compromised, now do you understand why we need you!’ stated Mayhew passionately, ‘Your country needs you!’

So, if I agree to be your decoy, what’s in it for me, bearing in mind that I will lose over a month’s work, and the fact that I will have to re-establish myself !’ I said. ‘We, that is, Her Majesty’s Government, will reimburse you for all losses incurred, and if the plan is successful, pay you a substantial bonus for your part in the affair, is that enough to make you consider our proposition!’ stated Mayhew, attempting to persuade me.

‘Would you permit me twenty – four hours to tie up any loose ends regarding my business affairs, then you can have my answer, one way or the other, if you need me, I’ll be at my London flat, I’m sure you have the address!’ I replied, I knew damn well, they had my address.

‘Yes! that will be satisfactory, we realise that there are things that you may need to alter or cancel, after all you have a life and business connections!’ agreed Mayhew, if somewhat reluctantly. Shultz as usual, made no comment, just gave me a dirty look.

(c) Damian Grange 2017


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  1. I always wondered what would happen if a homicidal and suicidally inclined millionaire psychopath got his hands on a nuclear weapon.

    He could obviously kill a lot more people than those poorer lower income saps who have to resort to guns to kill people.


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