A Creatures Thoughts on It’s Master!

  My Master created me, but he has no love for me! I worship him, he gave me life, before him I was confined to eternal darkness and damnation.

I, know I am a disappointment to him, although, I am big and strong, I have the mind of a child, and like that child, I need to be taught right from wrong and if my Master will not do it, who, pray can I turn too ?

I feel lost, alone and unwanted, maybe it would have been better to abort my creation, than make me this loathsome creature, that I am. Even my own Father despises me, I call him Father ’cause in truth he is the only Father, That I recall!

The, only thought I, have is too go far away, somewhere desolate and forsaken, somewhere that a creature like me might find solace in his own company, I am human of a kind, but humanity shuns me. So what other choice have I?

If only my Master could find it in his heart to see me as a success and not an abject failure, even creatures have feelings! and my heart aches for him, If he could only find it in his heart to say one kind word to me. It would mean the world to me. But alas it will not happen, so I leave forever!

(c) Damian Grange 2017

Photograph – Courtesy of Pinterest


10 thoughts on “

  1. T’is another day toiling
    I beg, my master, have I your leave?
    To be about your works, my lord?
    By your grace – let your glory ring!

    My master teaches build to the stars
    And Rest is only for the weak
    I am all I can be
    By his grace I’m Less pathetic
    Pray he keeps me he keeps me …

    My master!
    My master! (Master)
    May I work all day and night?
    My master!
    How low I am but bright your light.

    (Wilson Phillips – hey Santa… thought it was just the Wilson sisters… but the lyric page threw chynna in. “Hey Santa”)


  2. I always felt so sorry for Frankenstein’s monster. He was a result of his rejection. The creator was the real monster. Great piece x


  3. I’d done the Frankenstein piece, and I like to be fair so the creature got his say. I enjoyed writing them both it was an interesting exercise. Thank you so much for your continued support!


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