Double in Trouble – Excerpt 7

  ‘All in good time, old sport, please allow me to finish my explanation, Palenkov, was one of the new breed of Russians who invested wisely. He became an oligarch, then for no apparent reason he fell out of favour, he left Russia and now resides in Latvia. From there he deals in Arms, Drugs and a little Sex Trafficking on the side.’

‘He likes his women young, and that will be his downfall, Explained Mayhew, He had told me almost everything, but nothing of my role in this story.

‘A month ago, Palenkov, raped the younger sister of his lieutenant, Sergei Kasparov, she was only fifteen and he treated her very badly. Her brother was away at the time, he was told nothing, but somehow he found out. He has said nothing to Palenkov but wishes to betray him and place him in to our hands. You, are to replace him, Simplicity itself.’ Replied a smiling Mayhew.

I couldn’t stop myself, I burst out laughing, Mayhew coughed and looked embarrassed, Shultz looked annoyed, but still offered no comment. ‘ What do you find so amusing? old boy, Queried Mayhew. ‘Well for beginners I may look like your boy, but I don’t speak or understand Russian, not a single word!’ I stated in answer to his question.

‘That is the joy of it, other than a few necessary words, which we will teach you, you don’t need too, and we have a month to prepare you for your part in this venture!’ was Mayhew’s reply. ‘Why a month, may I ask?’

(c) Damian Grange 2017

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  1. It gets better. You have definitely got something, follow your own advice in having faith in ‘Self’.


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