Frankenstein’s Thoughts on My Monster?

  I, created it! so I, should love it! I, don`t I, abhor it. I, wanted it to be human, not necessarily, in my image, but human nonetheless. All my hours spent working, planning and dreaming, have come to be a great disappointment to me, if this be the result. This pitiful, whining creature that insists on calling me Father!

however, I suppose I am, it’s Father, to my everlasting shame I, created it and that thought will haunt me for the rest of my days. My aim was to create from spare body parts, a thinking human, not this, this thing!

I, expected so much, and the end result is so little, not in terms of size, he is big and powerful, but I, wanted someone ,I could converse with, a companion, if you will,  all I, have is this shambling creature, that keeps insisting I am it`s Father I, don’t know where I, went wrong, Just maybe I, tried to play god once too often and the fates intervened. I, don’t  know, all I, know is that this poor sad creature was never my intention and now I, have it ! how do I, dispose of it.

The creature loves me for giving it life, but I, despise it for the same reason, I, loathe it and loathe myself for creating such a thing. This is the creature of my worst nightmare!

(c) Damian Grange 2017






Photograph – Courtesy of Pinterest



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  1. I once had a friend who did research on Mary Shelley and he came up with a lot of information in regards to her inspiration for her writing. It’s crazy how involved an author can be with their writing and the reader not even really realize it. Amazing post!

    On a side note, I’ve nominated you for the liebster award! If you’re interested in accepting the nomination, the info is on my page 🙂


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