Double in Trouble – Excerpt 6

  The following day, after a shower, but no shave as instructed, I relaxed and waited to be collected. I was still mulling over in my mind the circumstances that had bought me to this point. The more I thought the more I realised how little I actually knew. The only thing that seemed feasible was that it was something to do with Pyotr, whoever the hell he was!

Who knows? maybe my new best buddies, Mayhew and Shultz are about to enlighten me, I’m damn sure they know a lot more about what’s going on than I do.

A car duly arrived, and delivered me to a block of offices in Central London, this was somewhat unexpected. I thought I would be going to the Foreign Office, but then what do I know? I’m just one awfully confused individual, I have no inkling of the ways of our Lords and Masters. Maybe this is their take on a clandestine meeting, The plot thickens.

Mayhew met me in the foyer and directed me to the lift, he pressed the button for the thirteenth floor, thank god! I’m not superstitious or I’d be a nervous wreck by now. He led me to an office and tapped on the door, It, was opened immediately by Schultz, so fast, it seemed that he had been stood behind the door, waiting, strange was how it struck me!

But then, what did I know about the C.I.A and their clandestine carry – on’s. I was just a Photographer and more importantly to me at the moment, a civilian. I wanted no part in their game, whatever it involved. The last week’s nightmare had been quite enough for me, thank you very much!

‘Would you like to grab a pew, and I’ll explain why we need you, it’s all quite simple really!’ Stated Mayhew and I was thinking, so am I, if I believe it. It appeared that Shultz was the strong silent type, he said nothing and offered nothing. Maybe Mayhew was the brains of this outfit?

‘There is a Russian, who goes by the name of Pyotr Palenkov, you are his double or as close as need be, for what we have in mind. Stated Mayhew, quite matter of fact. ‘And what do you have in mind, if i’m to be stuck in the middle of this, I demand to know!’ I replied angrily, I had no intention of being a pawn in their game!

(c) Damian Grange 2017


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    1. Hi Maranda,
      The next episode is on Saturday, this one is fun because I’m just about a chapter in advance of my readers
      I haven’t an inkling how it will end, I like to write organically, jot it down as it comes!

      Regards Malkie

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