ufo-sightingsU.F.O’s – Are You A Believer Or A Sceptic ?

  I believe in U.F.O.’s! or as Mr.Spock Said, ‘ There’s something out there!’ Why should there not be ? The Universe is infinite. So why should we have the arrogance to consider that we are the only intelligent life forms.

Just bear it in mind that we invented flying machines a mere 120 years ago, if of course you discount The genius Leonardo Da Vinci, but in that short space of time, we have gone from machines made of wood and canvas to spacecraft that regularly travel to the moon.

There are planets in the Universe much older than our own. So, why is it so difficult to imagine that their technology may also exceed ours. I am not for one moment saying that they might be human as we know humanity, but whatever life form they take it doesn’t mean they are any less intelligent.

The generic form of U.F.O. ‘ The Flying Saucer ‘ as been sighted all throughout our history, there are records of sightings going back centuries. There are also things on our own planet that defy explanation. Now I am not a crank or a conspiracy theorist, but I do honestly believe there is something out there!

And who knows, one day when we stop our petty squabbling and learn to live in peace and unity they may deign to contact us. At this moment in time we are far too primitive and war – like for their consideration. They mean us no harm, they are merely observers of the human condition.

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Double in Trouble – Excerpt 3

  Then just when I was on the verge of desperation, two more men walked in to the room, the first a tall stocky man, was obviously English. His clothes screamed Savile Row, and the moment he opened his mouth I knew. he had that plummy slightly affected voice of a career diplomat.

‘I’m sorry we couldn’t get here sooner, old sport, only found you were here yesterday, we intercepted one of their messages, got here as soon as we could!’ he apologised. ‘I’m Peter Mayhew, I’ve been sent to rescue you from the heathens, I’m with the Embassy here.’ He never once mentioned where here was? I wondered? ‘Thank god for small mercies’ I muttered under my breath.

‘This is the man you must thank for your liberty, Frank Shultz, He’s an American, he’s with the company. They are afraid of drone attacks, so were happy to negotiate.’

To my mind, the company meant the C.I.A. what the hell did these people want with me, I’m a professional photographer, not some kind of spook. My initial reaction was to trust neither of them, I felt that somehow they were trying to manipulate me, but why? and to what purpose, I was completely baffled?

‘We have a proposition to put to you, but first let’s get you some decent clothes and get you on the first flight home, some decent food too, I’m sure you could use some!’ Said Mayhew. ‘ A wash and shave would be good, or a shower, and a decent steak would be awesome!’ was my reply.

‘You may shower certainly, but it is imperative that you don’t shave. There is a good reason for this, which will be explained to you in due course,’ stated Mayhew.

I was happy to go along with their wishes, did I really have much choice. I am a big believer in first impressions, and mine was that I neither liked nor trusted my saviours. They were too well rehearsed, too glib, it was almost as if they were reading from a script.

My gut feeling told me I was being set – up for something, but I had no inkling of what it might be, other than that it would be something dodgy. But, why me? I am a Photographer, albeit a good one, so why drag me into whatever they are planning, I don’t get it, I don’t get it at all?

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A Tribute To The Everly Brothers

  I saw the Everly Brothers, Phil and Don perform live in Nottingham. At the time they were promoting Cathy’s Clown which was top of the British charts at that time, which was April 1960.

The brothers with just a backing trio of lead guitar, bass guitar and drums managed to sound almost exactly like their records. If you consider the time and the equipment available, this was no mean feat. this was well before reverb, echo and compressor / limiters.

As I suppose you would expect from a top American act, Their performance was faultless, their harmonies perfection itself. They did a selection of their many hit records and of course when they performed the chart topping Cathy’s Clown they received a standing ovation.

I have seen many live acts over the years, but these were one of the finest. And even now after all the years that have passed, they still manage to sound fresh and unique.

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Happy-Diwali-2017-Image-1024x656Wishing a happy and Joyful Diwali to all my friends in India. Also to all their families and friends and any friends that I have yet to meet, I wish you well!

Kind Regards Malkie

  Double in Trouble – Except Two

  One thing had given me a little cause for concern, the pillow and blankets were soiled with what to my untrained eye appeared to be blood. Was this a pre-curser of things to come, I hope not, I hate violence, especially when I am to be the victim.

It was probably a little too soon to be scared, after all, I had see no one. I was being held against my will, but no effort had been made to harm me. O.K! the lodgings could be more amenable and the cuisine better, but at least I was unharmed.

But was this meant to give me a false sense of security, Before they hauled me out of my cell, led me to the village square and executed me. Not a particularly pleasant thought.

I was just mulling over my other options, when the lights came on, dazzling me, and  the door suddenly sprung open, much to my surprise! What was about to happen now? Was this to be the way, my life was to end?

Two men entered the cell, cautiously, they were both carrying AK47’s and pointing them at me, naturally I froze, it seemed the best move given the circumstances.

They appeared to be Middle Eastern, the younger of the pair, who appeared to be a little nervous, wore a turban of some description. The elder, who was bearded, looked very alert and capable, obviously a man not to be underestimated. He wore combats and a pakol, the traditional cap of Afghani men.

  So, where was I ? and what the hell had I got involved in, I honestly hadn’t a clue ? The elder of my captor’s pointed to the bed and signalled me to sit, which I did immediately. Now I had seen who my captor’s were, I was running scared!Taliban1Picture – Courtesy of Pinterest

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royRoy Orbison 1936 – 1988 – A Tribute

  During my almost 75 years lifetime, I have seen and supported many famous names. But for me the one that will always have an indelible place in my memory and my heart is the very talented and unassuming Mr. Roy Orbison, a voice above all others.

I watched him perform in one of my local theatres many years ago, there were no gymnastics or histrionics to his performance, no pyrotechnics, no flashing lights. Just one man with a guitar and an amazing voice, his backing trio and three lady violinists.

Roy stood there smiled, strummed a chord on his guitar and started to sing, if I remember correctly it was ‘Only the Lonely’ but from that first note on his guitar, he had us all in the palm of his hand. He had no need to jump around such was his personality that you sat rooted to the spot. to my mind he was like a modern Pied Piper.

Every song he sung was impeccably performed, note for note perfection, I often sit listening to him on my stereo, with a song in my heart and a tear in my eye. to mourn the loss of a great singer and a truly humble gentleman!

May he rest in peace!

(c) Damian Grange 2017

 Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 2 )

  My only crime was falling in love! in my life, I have loved but two women, both of whom betrayed me. So was I not entitled to some kind of recompense, even revenge!

When I stand in judgement before my maker and he finally assesses my worth, I wonder? Will he take in to account the number of lives I have saved, In my calling as a physician, there have been many, that would have suffered and died, had I not cared for them.

Or, will I be held to account for the killing of five whores, each of them destined to die by their own follies, in any case. They had all, except Mary Kelly, chronic illnesses of various descriptions, which with the passing of time, would have led to their demise. All I did was hasten the process, was that so wrong?

I think I could possibly be justified in calling the first four of my victims, mercy killings, but in the case of Mary Kelly, It was pure revenge, malicious revenge, she deceived me and abused my generosity, then finally when I was totally smitten with her, she aborted our unborn child. The daughter that I would have loved and cherished given the chance.

Please forgive me, I am rambling, a fault of the elderly and infirm, for I am starting at the conclusion of my story, I apologise, Dear reader, If you are to judge me I must start at the beginning. To judge me, You need to know me!


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Double in Trouble – Excerpt

  I awoke coughing, it was probably the damp. The cell where I was incarcerated had water dripping down the walls, due to this, I always felt cold and damp. I had been there, I guessed around a week, it was hard to tell, even in daylight only a modicum of light seeped in to my cell. Just enough to distinguish my bed, such as it was and the rather crude toilet facilities.

I had no idea why I had been kidnapped and  imprisoned? Judging by the crudity of the facilities, I was guessing that I was in Eastern Europe or possibly the Middle East or maybe The Balkans, Anywhere? your guess is as good as mine.

They had dressed me in a black T shirt and track suit bottoms. These were my only possessions. I was fed three times a day, a bowl was shoved through a grill at the bottom of the door, fed, if you could call the almost inedible broth food. Occasionally if my captors were feeling generous, in addition I got a chunk of somewhat stale bread.

I have no inclination who my captors are, or why I am here? To my knowledge I have no information or specific skills that could possibly be of value to whatever Country or Organisation that my captors represented.

I have been in this cell for approximately a week, it is difficult to be more accurate, because I have been in darkness or semi- darkness  since I arrived here. In a moment of somewhat wry humour I thought I had arrived at a solution. I am being kept in the dark and damp and fed shit on a regular basis, they are aiming to turn me in to a bloody mushroom, that must be the answer!

(c) Damian Grange 2017

Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt)

  As I sit in solitude, staring at this, the four walls of my self imposed prison, I can but reflect on the circumstances that led me here.

Would a sane man, Yes! I do believe myself to be sane, for the alternative is utterly unthinkable. I confess, dear reader, that I have done terrible things, but before you condemn me to the hell that I no doubt deserve.

Please give me the benefit of hearing my account of the heinous crimes that I, myself perpetrated, Please hear my defence? for I believe I may indeed have one? We all of us have a story, I plead with you! Hear mine!

My health is rapidly deteriorating and I feel the need to set straight the record, before I shed this mortal coil and consign myself forever to the waiting arms of Morpheus.

As my impending doom approaches, I feel the need to justify myself. I admit to doing terrible things. Crimes against humanity. Murder most foul!

But although I readily admit to being the perpetrator of these crimes, I feel that I am the victim of my own folly. The victim of my own lust.

(c) Damian Grange 2017

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David Herbert Lawrence – 1885 – 1930

  Continuing my series of Nottinghamshire Characters, please welcome David Herbert Lawrence, Writer, Poet, Playwright and Painter. Some of the issues Lawrence explored in his works are Sexuality, Emotional Health and Instincts.

Lawrence’s opinions earned him many enemies and he was made to endure Official Persecution, Censorship and Gross Misrepresentation of his talent. At the time of his death aged 44 he was dubbed by the Establishment as a Pornographer who had wasted his considerable talents.

The fourth child of barely literate miner at Brinsley Colliery and a Mother who had trained to be a teacher but did manual work in a Lace Factory to help support her four children, of which Lawrence was the youngest.

In March 1912, Lawrence met Frieda Weekley, six years older than Lawrence and the wife of Lawrence’s University Tutor, she had three young children. They eloped to her Parent’s Home in Metz, Germany. Frieda was a member of the Prussian Nobility, one of her brothers was Manfred von Richtofen, later to find fame as ‘The Red Baron’

Because of his attitude to the Military and a strong Anti – War ethic, Lawrence was arrested by the Germans as a British Spy and vice – versa when the couple, then married returned to live in England.

Lawrence dealt with subjects considered scandalous in his day. Things like Homosexuality, Lesbianism, his heroes and heroines were real people, People from his working class background. Men like Mellors, the gamekeeper in Lady Chatterley’s Lover.

  It wasn’t until 1960, that this book was allowed to be published in Great Britain due to the Obscene Publications Act. Lawrence was quite a prolific but outspoken writer, definitely no friend of the Establishment and their petty attitudes toward life and love.d-h-lawrence-190Photo – Courtesy of Pinterest