My House is Haunted!

  Now you may think that is rather an odd statement to make, but I am convinced that my house is haunted by the spirit of my late wife, Sandra.

Shortly after her death, I was having something of a restless night, and was in that sort of  limbo between sleep and wakefulness when I felt someone physically tuck me in to bed, I turned over and was soon asleep. The following morning I thanked my son for what I considered a kind gesture. He absolutely denied all knowledge of it!

A month or so later, my son, his business partner and myself were in the bedroom that doubled as a recording studio. This room due to the value of the recording equipment used within had a thick security door with a combination lock. the combination known only by the three of us present, suddenly the door swung open and Ray, my sons business partner, looked at the door, grinned and said, ‘Come in Sandra!’

Sandra wasn’t a prude, but she hated hearing the ‘F’ word in films and television unless it was a necessary part of the plot, even now, if there is an excess of effing and blinding on tv or film. Sandra signifies her displeasure by flicking the lights on and off several times.

I know this may sound a little far fetched but it is the absolute truth, Sandra is not a malevolent spirit she just likes us to know she is still there !


(c) Damian Grange 2017

Photograph – Courtesy of Pinterest


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  1. I felt somewhat same feelings when I lost my dad. Being 6 yo there was nothing I could do but I could always feel his presence as an protective shield. One only believes in thing if one wishes to. There are one who never actually leave you. I loved this post.

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