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The Reluctant Vampiress

  Continuing with this weeks Vampire Theme, this Incident is a true story. A few years ago, when I was heavily in to the Goth Scene, My son and I went in to the City to meet up with friends and then go on to a Goth Soiree.

We were dressed in what I supposed could be termed Vampire Goth clothing, a mix of Regency and Victorian Clothing. We were a little early, so we decided to pop for a drink in a Student Bar near to where my son worked.

We entered and stood at the bar having a glass of Claret, we were getting  lots of attention, but we were used to that. We were both relatively slim  and around  six feet tall and both wearing period clothing so it was nothing new to us.

We could sense four young female students observing us, they kept looking towards us then if we looked their way they would look embarrassed and look away. They seemed to be having an argument of some kind, and it appeared to be about us.

Eventually they plucked up the courage and approached us, The spokesperson of the four asked us ‘ Are you Vampires ?’ to which we replied, ‘ We might be, Why ?’ was our studied reply. ‘Are you drinking blood ?’ was the next question. ‘ No! it’s a pleasant little Claret, but we prefer blood, if you are offering ?’ was our retort.

One of the girls, who hadn’t spoken before, suddenly said, ‘ I want to become a Vampire, just like you!’ My son grinned a wolfish grin at her, and took her hand in his, she looked a little uneasy but went along with it.

‘So you are happy for me to drink your blood, my dear ?’ questioned my son, she looked a little frightened, but nodded her head. My son was wearing a thumb ring the point of which protruded slightly, he turned her hand over and ran the point lightly over her wrist.

Her reaction was to scream the place down and run from the building, closely followed by her three friends. I think they had experienced a change of heart ! Fortunately the Bar security staff knew us and were watching the incident unfold, they thought it hilarious.

(c) Damian Grange 2017



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  1. Seriously!? This really happened? That’s great! I’m something of a goth girl myself, and used to frequent a Rhode Island club that happened to be a hot spot for vampire fetishists. But really, to actually think you were real vampires, that’s just hilarious! How dumb can people get? Wait, don’t answer that.

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  2. We used to get some really odd comments, I think the best was is your time machine parked around the corner! We went to the premier of Sherlock Holmes in a city centre cinema there were two students from Columbia who insisted on having photos with us, they were convinced that we were in the movie! Strange !

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  3. What a delightful and amusing story, Malcolm.

    They thinking you were actually vampires.

    And then being mistaken for players in the movie Sherlock Holmes.

    Sounds like you and your son dress in the sort of clothes I like to dress in.


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