Double in Trouble – Excerpt 5

  After I had showered and changed, My saviours said they would drive me to the Airport and fly me home to London. We would have to go to the Airport in the back of a van, I must not be seen or there might be trouble with the locals. It made good sense if we were in a hostile country, so I agreed.

We arrived at the Airport, under cover of darkness, the van drove straight on to the runway and halted at the side of a small passenger plane. No flash jet for me, government cuts must be digging deep. Still it could be worse, at least they are not expecting me to walk home.

I settled down in my seat, a coffee in my hand, the next thing I recall was waking up at Heathrow Airport, we were waved through customs, apparently they knew Mayhew. He had some influence it seemed. There was a car waiting for us, I was booked in to a decent hotel in Central London, with instructions to get a decent meal, a good night’s sleep and they would collect me at 10 a.m. The following morning. it was all very civilised.

I had an excellent meal, followed by a decent bottle of claret, all on expenses naturally its a long time since I’ve had a decent claret, so I relished it.

Sleep evaded me for a while, so many thoughts were milling around in my head. Two things stood out, who was Pyotr? and where did I know my captors from? I was sure that I had been on a shoot with them, or maybe it was something that had been planned, maybe an advertising shoot that had fallen through, it was really bugging me!

Who knows? maybe tomorrow Mayhew and Schultz would enlighten me. They would! but only what they wanted me to know. I still felt that they were hiding something from me. If truth be told I think they are hiding almost everything from me. Do they know who Pyotr is, I wonder?

(c) Damian Grange 2017


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