vampires-1846887_960_720Photo – Courtesy of Pinterest

I Wait In Silence For My Lover

  I wait in silent longing, she will be here soon. Are my feelings for her misplaced, we have had, but one kiss albeit on the lips but am I chasing rainbows, or does she care?

I don’t know whether she would love a woman such as I, she is an attractive woman with many friends, of both sexes, would she want someone like me, someone who is unsure of her own sexuality, but adores her from afar.

I anxiously, anticipate her arrival, I quake with longing for her, does she even like women? I truly hope so? I have dreamt of her touch, her kiss, I would give my life for just one kiss from her ruby lips.

When I made that statement! I didn’t know that she was a Vampiress, but it is too late now we are lovers, she kisses my lips, then bites my neck, I give my blood freely, like my love  it flows without hesitation. I love her and if her love kills me at least I will die happy, knowing that at last I have felt love, Real Love!

(C) Damian Grange 2017

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