Double in Trouble – Excerpt 4

  I was racking my brains, trying to think of anything odd that had happened to me the week or so before my incarceration. There just had to be something, if I could just remember?

I was shooting in Belgrade, views for a travel brochure. When this stranger had come up to me, slapped me on the shoulder and called me Pyotr. I explained to him that I was not Pyotr, but he wasn’t happy, he seemed sure that I was. Things like this happen when you travel a lot, I tend to dismiss it, But maybe this was the reason. Offhand it’s the only thing that makes sense.

Another nagging thought entered my head, my captors, when I had seen them in the light. I knew those faces. This may sound patronising, but as a professional photographer you develop a photographic memory, I recognised them, I may have wanted them for a shoot or maybe a publicity still, I was certain that I knew them, but where from? definitely not the Middle East or anywhere near there.

They may look the part, but I had the feeling that they were either film or tv extras, hired for the job, first chance I get i’ll find them. With my contacts they wouldn’t be hard to find. One joy of being a successful photo/ journalist is the contacts that you make.

  I was more than a little intrigued to hear what my saviours were going to place on the table, it was obvious that there was an ulterior motive to this, I have no idea where I am? But I do know my thoughts have changed, I don’t think I ever left the UK, I think they are trying to con me in to something of a dubious nature, But what can it be?645b37c94c641cf40cf25b77213369a9Photo – Courtesy of Pinterest

(c) Damian Grange 2017


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