Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 3 )

  I began my life as the second son of a county Cleric. My Father’s Parish, although not a rich one, provided adequately for our family. As both of my Parent’s had inherited money, we lived quite comfortably, if not affluently.

My elder sibling, Giles and I, both attended the village school until the time we were considered old enough to be sent to boarding school. It was the practice of the time for families who were comfortably off to send their offspring to boarding schools.

It was at that time, considered a sound practice to part children from their Parents in order to instil them with discipline and knowledge, without the interference of the said Parents. It was also supposed to be an exercise in character building for the child in question.

I personally quite liked the regimentation of the School, I took easily to the organised lifestyle and made many friends amongst my peers. I suppose I could get up to my share of mischief, like any boy of my age, but before we had left home my Father had instilled in my brother and myself, that we must not disgrace our family name.

  In consequence, I always thought twice before committing even the slightest misdemeanour. Of course, I was not perfect, I did the normal boyish escapades like stealing apples from the local orchard, but then we all did. I feel that I can state in all honesty, That I never committed a criminal act, give or take the odd apple, or a malicious act in all the time that I was away at school. I resisted all temptations!Victorian-school-illus.jpg

Picture – Courtesy of Pinterest

(c) Damian Grange 2017

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