ufo-sightingsU.F.O’s – Are You A Believer Or A Sceptic ?

  I believe in U.F.O.’s! or as Mr.Spock Said, ‘ There’s something out there!’ Why should there not be ? The Universe is infinite. So why should we have the arrogance to consider that we are the only intelligent life forms.

Just bear it in mind that we invented flying machines a mere 120 years ago, if of course you discount The genius Leonardo Da Vinci, but in that short space of time, we have gone from machines made of wood and canvas to spacecraft that regularly travel to the moon.

There are planets in the Universe much older than our own. So, why is it so difficult to imagine that their technology may also exceed ours. I am not for one moment saying that they might be human as we know humanity, but whatever life form they take it doesn’t mean they are any less intelligent.

The generic form of U.F.O. ‘ The Flying Saucer ‘ as been sighted all throughout our history, there are records of sightings going back centuries. There are also things on our own planet that defy explanation. Now I am not a crank or a conspiracy theorist, but I do honestly believe there is something out there!

And who knows, one day when we stop our petty squabbling and learn to live in peace and unity they may deign to contact us. At this moment in time we are far too primitive and war – like for their consideration. They mean us no harm, they are merely observers of the human condition.

(c) Damian Grange 2017



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  1. I agree, there’s probably vast civilizations out there, and some of them might be watching us. Maybe it’s like us and the uncontacted tribes of the Amazonas, they see us more valuable if we’re left alone. I wonder what the people in these tribes think when a plane passes by 😀


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