Photograph – Courtesy of Pinternet

A Tribute To The Everly Brothers

  I saw the Everly Brothers, Phil and Don perform live in Nottingham. At the time they were promoting Cathy’s Clown which was top of the British charts at that time, which was April 1960.

The brothers with just a backing trio of lead guitar, bass guitar and drums managed to sound almost exactly like their records. If you consider the time and the equipment available, this was no mean feat. this was well before reverb, echo and compressor / limiters.

As I suppose you would expect from a top American act, Their performance was faultless, their harmonies perfection itself. They did a selection of their many hit records and of course when they performed the chart topping Cathy’s Clown they received a standing ovation.

I have seen many live acts over the years, but these were one of the finest. And even now after all the years that have passed, they still manage to sound fresh and unique.

(c) Damian Grange2017

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  1. You are good at these, Always Fresh and insightful. Age and Experience has added Value. Beautifully delivered and enlughtening.


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