Double in Trouble – Except Two

  One thing had given me a little cause for concern, the pillow and blankets were soiled with what to my untrained eye appeared to be blood. Was this a pre-curser of things to come, I hope not, I hate violence, especially when I am to be the victim.

It was probably a little too soon to be scared, after all, I had see no one. I was being held against my will, but no effort had been made to harm me. O.K! the lodgings could be more amenable and the cuisine better, but at least I was unharmed.

But was this meant to give me a false sense of security, Before they hauled me out of my cell, led me to the village square and executed me. Not a particularly pleasant thought.

I was just mulling over my other options, when the lights came on, dazzling me, and  the door suddenly sprung open, much to my surprise! What was about to happen now? Was this to be the way, my life was to end?

Two men entered the cell, cautiously, they were both carrying AK47’s and pointing them at me, naturally I froze, it seemed the best move given the circumstances.

They appeared to be Middle Eastern, the younger of the pair, who appeared to be a little nervous, wore a turban of some description. The elder, who was bearded, looked very alert and capable, obviously a man not to be underestimated. He wore combats and a pakol, the traditional cap of Afghani men.

  So, where was I ? and what the hell had I got involved in, I honestly hadn’t a clue ? The elder of my captor’s pointed to the bed and signalled me to sit, which I did immediately. Now I had seen who my captor’s were, I was running scared!Taliban1Picture – Courtesy of Pinterest

(c) Damian Grange 2017


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