Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 2 )

  My only crime was falling in love! in my life, I have loved but two women, both of whom betrayed me. So was I not entitled to some kind of recompense, even revenge!

When I stand in judgement before my maker and he finally assesses my worth, I wonder? Will he take in to account the number of lives I have saved, In my calling as a physician, there have been many, that would have suffered and died, had I not cared for them.

Or, will I be held to account for the killing of five whores, each of them destined to die by their own follies, in any case. They had all, except Mary Kelly, chronic illnesses of various descriptions, which with the passing of time, would have led to their demise. All I did was hasten the process, was that so wrong?

I think I could possibly be justified in calling the first four of my victims, mercy killings, but in the case of Mary Kelly, It was pure revenge, malicious revenge, she deceived me and abused my generosity, then finally when I was totally smitten with her, she aborted our unborn child. The daughter that I would have loved and cherished given the chance.

Please forgive me, I am rambling, a fault of the elderly and infirm, for I am starting at the conclusion of my story, I apologise, Dear reader, If you are to judge me I must start at the beginning. To judge me, You need to know me!


  Picture – Courtesy of Pinterest

(c) Damian Grange 2017

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  1. It will probably be early next week, I am working on it daily but as you can imagine it is a full length book project – I may run 2 episodes a week. Thank you for your continued support!

    Regards Malkie

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  2. I’m running a slightly different twist on the tale, in that he and Mary Kelly become lovers, I can’t give too much away because it is very much a work in progress. But he is a devious character!


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