Double in Trouble – Excerpt

  I awoke coughing, it was probably the damp. The cell where I was incarcerated had water dripping down the walls, due to this, I always felt cold and damp. I had been there, I guessed around a week, it was hard to tell, even in daylight only a modicum of light seeped in to my cell. Just enough to distinguish my bed, such as it was and the rather crude toilet facilities.

I had no idea why I had been kidnapped and  imprisoned? Judging by the crudity of the facilities, I was guessing that I was in Eastern Europe or possibly the Middle East or maybe The Balkans, Anywhere? your guess is as good as mine.

They had dressed me in a black T shirt and track suit bottoms. These were my only possessions. I was fed three times a day, a bowl was shoved through a grill at the bottom of the door, fed, if you could call the almost inedible broth food. Occasionally if my captors were feeling generous, in addition I got a chunk of somewhat stale bread.

I have no inclination who my captors are, or why I am here? To my knowledge I have no information or specific skills that could possibly be of value to whatever Country or Organisation that my captors represented.

I have been in this cell for approximately a week, it is difficult to be more accurate, because I have been in darkness or semi- darkness  since I arrived here. In a moment of somewhat wry humour I thought I had arrived at a solution. I am being kept in the dark and damp and fed shit on a regular basis, they are aiming to turn me in to a bloody mushroom, that must be the answer!

(c) Damian Grange 2017

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