Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt)

  As I sit in solitude, staring at this, the four walls of my self imposed prison, I can but reflect on the circumstances that led me here.

Would a sane man, Yes! I do believe myself to be sane, for the alternative is utterly unthinkable. I confess, dear reader, that I have done terrible things, but before you condemn me to the hell that I no doubt deserve.

Please give me the benefit of hearing my account of the heinous crimes that I, myself perpetrated, Please hear my defence? for I believe I may indeed have one? We all of us have a story, I plead with you! Hear mine!

My health is rapidly deteriorating and I feel the need to set straight the record, before I shed this mortal coil and consign myself forever to the waiting arms of Morpheus.

As my impending doom approaches, I feel the need to justify myself. I admit to doing terrible things. Crimes against humanity. Murder most foul!

But although I readily admit to being the perpetrator of these crimes, I feel that I am the victim of my own folly. The victim of my own lust.

(c) Damian Grange 2017

Picture – Courtesy of Pinterest


15 thoughts on “

    1. Possibly! even serial killers have their moments of humanity. In the version I am writing he is a man with all the human frailties
      who is twice crossed in love. This eventually causes him to seek his revenge. I am running another chapter on Wednesday which may explain a little more.
      Thank you for your interest.

      Regards Malkie


  1. I have read several so called jack exposures that amounted to nothing. so I decided to do my own fictional account which will probably be as believable as others I have read. There will be another chapter on Wednesday.

    Regards Malkie


    1. Enjoying these teasers (1 and 2). Having just netflixed the entire BBC Ripper Street Series, I find this subject is nothing, if not intriguing. Good luck in your quest. You definitely have lured us in, so far!


      1. I am busy working on the book of the same, it is fictional but probably likely to be as near to the truth as some of the so called scholarly accounts that I have read. Thank you for your support!

        Regards Malkie

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    1. Hello Simi,
      thank you so much for the compliment, so many books have been written about Jack, but about the deeds not the man.
      I am trying to portray him as man first,monster second, It will be honest and although fictional just possibly as close as you will get to the real occurrences, Enjoy !!


  2. I finally found the beginning! I might be a bit late to join but I’ll catch up soon. Very interesting start here. Especially the imploring tone of voice used at the end. It is maybe true what they say – hate the crime, not the criminal. So I’ll give Jack a chance.


    1. It is a fictional account, but to my knowledge all the information about times and dates is correct in some instances I have used historical documents. The more I delve in to Jack the more fascinating I find him!

      Liked by 1 person

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