David Herbert Lawrence – 1885 – 1930

  Continuing my series of Nottinghamshire Characters, please welcome David Herbert Lawrence, Writer, Poet, Playwright and Painter. Some of the issues Lawrence explored in his works are Sexuality, Emotional Health and Instincts.

Lawrence’s opinions earned him many enemies and he was made to endure Official Persecution, Censorship and Gross Misrepresentation of his talent. At the time of his death aged 44 he was dubbed by the Establishment as a Pornographer who had wasted his considerable talents.

The fourth child of barely literate miner at Brinsley Colliery and a Mother who had trained to be a teacher but did manual work in a Lace Factory to help support her four children, of which Lawrence was the youngest.

In March 1912, Lawrence met Frieda Weekley, six years older than Lawrence and the wife of Lawrence’s University Tutor, she had three young children. They eloped to her Parent’s Home in Metz, Germany. Frieda was a member of the Prussian Nobility, one of her brothers was Manfred von Richtofen, later to find fame as ‘The Red Baron’

Because of his attitude to the Military and a strong Anti – War ethic, Lawrence was arrested by the Germans as a British Spy and vice – versa when the couple, then married returned to live in England.

Lawrence dealt with subjects considered scandalous in his day. Things like Homosexuality, Lesbianism, his heroes and heroines were real people, People from his working class background. Men like Mellors, the gamekeeper in Lady Chatterley’s Lover.

  It wasn’t until 1960, that this book was allowed to be published in Great Britain due to the Obscene Publications Act. Lawrence was quite a prolific but outspoken writer, definitely no friend of the Establishment and their petty attitudes toward life and love.d-h-lawrence-190Photo – Courtesy of Pinterest

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