Conor Dillon – Excerpt

  The boy awoke sobbing, as if from a bad dream. then as his consciousness returned he realised that the noise that had frightened him was coming from the courtyard beneath his window.

The sound of galloping horses and shouting men. He hurried to the window and peered out, through the darkness, he could just about discern the shapes of about a dozen horsemen all wearing cloaks and led by a veritable giant of a man, who was holding a pistol in his grip.

Conor, for that was the boys name, wondered what business these men had with his Father, and why had they chose to visit in the middle of the night. All the men appeared to be armed. The boy shivered in fear, they must mean us harm, his only thought!

Curiosity got the better of him, he dressed quickly and ran down the stairs, he was just starting to descend the second flight when he heard someone knocking loudly on the front door.

His father opened it and angrily asked the reason for this intrusion. The moment that the door was open wide enough for his Father to be clearly silhouetted against the inside lights. The Giant rode forward and shot him at close range.

The boy knew something terrible had happened, something unforeseen, but something that would change the course of his young life, totally and irrevocably, He ran, jumped and slid down the remaining stairs to ascertain what had befell his father, if anything?

As he moved around the door, the sight that met his eyes horrified him, his Father lay mortally wounded in his Mothers arms. The horseman had gone, claimed by the darkness from whence they came. But one thing about them, Conor would never forget, The giant who led them, a man Conor had vowed to seek out and kill!

(c) Damian Grange 2017

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