Away with the Fairies!

  Jane Freeman was the kind of girl who always had her head in the clouds. Her thoughts were always of travel and adventure. Which was fine if you had a good education and funds to pursue your dream, but unfortunately Jane had neither.

Even as a child she had been the same, Her Granny had always chided her, when she caught her day – dreaming, which was often, ‘ Janey! you are away with the fairies again’ ‘ But no one understands, that is where I long to be, with the fairies ‘ she replied. ‘ Your time would be better spent on your books, it’s an education that you need. Not childish fantasies, there are no fairies!’ her Granny stated severely.

Jane grimaced and returned to her studies, but she knew that the fairies existed. and that one day her good fairy would come and change her life for ever. All it took was faith and belief. And Jane had both.

As Jane got older and a little more worldly – wise, she realised that her Granny was right. To achieve anything of any significance with her life. She did need a decent education.

Her Granny, who had taken her in when her parents had been killed in a traffic accident, had lots of experience, something that Jane, grudgingly had to admit she personally was missing.

The Jane at twenty, although employed in a mind – numbing secretarial position, had got herself a decent education. But her outlook on life had not changed she still sought travel and adventure.

Every evening she scanned the local press for that elusive career opportunity. She knew that one day it would appear, all that she wanted in one neat package. All she had to do was keep her eyes open and be diligent and not allow herself to be side – tracked and of course naturally put her trust in the fairies.

fairy 2

(c) Damian Grange 2017

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