The Stalker

  It is probably due to events that happened in my past, That tends to make me Hyper – sensitive to people following close behind me. I don’t have to hear them, I can sense them, dogging my footsteps.

In my late teens, I was assaulted from behind, by what I assumed was a man. Although it was never proven, I assumed that the motive behind the attack was for sexual reasons, but once again, an assumption. It could have been a mugging gone wrong.

On reflection, it could just as easily have been a woman, with once again, motive unknown? A report was made to the Local Police, a file was opened, a statement given and that is probably the beginning and end of it, from their point of view.

But now, I am in my mid – twenty’s and for some inexplicable reason, my senses seem to have gone in to overdrive. It has taken me years to get over my fear of dark streets and lonely places. I have received counselling and believed myself to be free of my fears, But suddenly they have returned to haunt me, I wish I knew why?

Why after all these years, do I feel the need to be on my guard? Has my attacker returned to finish what he, or she started? or as my paranoia returned to haunt me once more? I truly hope not!

To my knowledge I am not being stalked, I’m sure that if I was, I would know? but, yet I can sense something, but I have no inclination of what? Surely a stalker would want me to be aware of his, or her presence, or why stalk at all? Surely the object of stalking is to instil fear in to the victim, if so, then they have certainly succeeded.

(c) Damian Grange 2017


6 thoughts on “

  1. Nothing wrong with the fear of dark streets from a woman’s perspective. I’d be more concerned had she not been hesitant. Beautiful writing.


    1. Hm. Don’t know why I thought it was a guy.

      I thought it was a young boy who had been assaulted by a man for some reason.

      Lots of perverts like that in Canada.

      Perhaps England has been spared that abomination.


  2. It may be my fault I had to drop a sentence to make it fit the page, I think that was the sentence explaining her sex and relationship. We have our share of perverts too but they are very closely monitored by the Police and Social Services.

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