The Return of Dracula!

  The brothers, Riordan, Shamus and Padraig had arrived at the London docks from the Emerald Isle. Shamus, a small wiry man was the brains and Padraig, his sibling the brawn. Padraig was not too intelligent, so he obeyed his brother in all things.

They scraped a living from a little petty larceny, rolling drunks and the occasional mugging. Their exploits became known to one, Isaac Goldstein, the local pawnbroker and fence who was kept informed of everything that occurred in this his own little corner of the universe.

He contacted the Riordan’s and offered them employment. He had a warehouse that he required someone to break in to and their name had been mentioned to him. Inside were a dozen packing cases sent from a Nobleman in Transylvania, he wanted the contents for which he was offering a share. After some hard bargaining the Riordan’s offered to do the job for a quarter share.

Shamus and Padraig agreed to meet outside the warehouse at 10p.m. with the tools to do the job. Shamus was furious Padraig had arrived late and obviously the worse for drink. They managed to force the door and gain entrance quite easily, but then they had done this kind of thing before. They located the designated cases but Padraig had forgotten to bring the hammer, Shamus was getting angrier by the minute.

They managed by brute force to open one of the packing cases, but it appeared to contain nothing but soil. Shamus told Padraig to get inside and feel for objects beneath the soil, there had to be something? Padraig stumbled and fell in to the case, that was the last straw for Shamus, who let forth a tirade of abuse at his younger sibling.

Padraig clambered out of the case and grabbed his brother by the throat in a stranglehold, Shamus knowing his sibling was out of control, drew his knife and stabbed his brother to make him release him. Padraig let go, but he was bleeding profusely, Shamus thought Oh God! I’ve hit an artery. he cradled his brother’s head and tried to make his peace with him as Padraig’s life blood ebbed away.

There was a sound like someone taking a giant gulp, then the soil started to move, almost as if it were breathing, then came a horrible cackling laugh, that made Shamus cringe with fear. He left his brother, clambered out of the case and ran as fast as his legs could carry him, he ran as if the hounds of hell were chasing him. He was wise to run, for Dracula had returned, this time seeking revenge!

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