The Secret Millionaire

  Charley was a mystery, to me and all our other workmates. He was always boasting about how much money he had, and how much he was worth. But this same Charley was forever grovelling to the management, for any overtime, that he cold beg, borrow or steal.

He had more holidays abroad, than anyone else in the works including the boss. Periodically he would announce, to anyone fool enough to listen, that he and his wife were of to some exotic location or other.

But what we could never quite figure out, They had visited some of the hottest countries in the world. But when he returned to work he was three shades paler than when he left. Not one of us would out and out call him a liar. But his many holidays became a source of constant amusement. others who had stayed at home or sat outside their local pub returned with a better tan than Charley.

When someone had the temerity to question this point, the answer was, ‘I wear a factor 30 Sunscreen’ now I don’t know? but surely in an African Summer I would have expected to tan, But then , what do I know?

And everyone else at work if they go somewhere a little off the beaten track, bring back lots of photographs and souvenirs so that we can all share in the experience. And Charley must have a wonderful constitution, he never returns with a cold, he never catches anything, never gets bitten by anything, Strange?

I think the thing that baffles me the most, is why go to the hottest countries in the world if you are going to stay indoors all day. I’m afraid this is all beyond my comprehension, I admit, I just don’t understand?

My problem is, I thought that the concept of holiday means relaxing, being carefree and enjoying your surroundings, wherever and whatever they may be! Charley probably sits frowning having counted the cost, after all it must be costly being the ‘I’ve been everywhere man!’ he can have it, I don’t need the stress!

(C) Damian Grange 2017


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  1. He’s based on someone I know, obviously I had to change the name, he came back yesterday from a supposed safari in Botswana, two shades paler than when he left, Unbelievable!


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