Nottingham Goose Fair – October 4th to 8th 2017

As you can no doubt gather by the photographs above, the modern Goose Fair is a feast of flashing neon and movement in every direction. a veritable panoply of sound and light. There are the more traditional Carousels and Dodgem Cars for the young, but for the older thrill seekers there are a variety of more frightening rides of the type you would normally associate with theme parks.

Considering the number of rides and the amount of visitors the Fair, as far as the writer can ascertain there have been no fatalities caused by the fair in recent times. I think it is a testament to the care that both the Showmen and the Nottingham Health And Safety Officers take to ensure the safety of all who visit the Fair.

In my own younger days, one of the attractions was the food you could purchase at the Fair, it was Mushy Peas, Candy Floss and if you had been very good Grantham Ginger Biscuits. But nowadays Nottingham due to the large number of immigrants from different areas the food on other is more cosmopolitan, we now have Caribbean, Chinesegf1 Indian, Spanish and no doubt many more, a feast for the eyes as well as the mouth.

All the photographs included in this article were taken at the 2016 Goose Fair

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