Contemplating Collections

  I was sat considering what to write today, when a thought struck me. Is the collecting of odd items mainly a male pre-occupation, or do the ladies participate too.

I have over the years collected Postage Stamps, which I think most people of my generation have at one time or another. Cigarette Cards, not such a hard one to figure out with John Players being one of the major businesses in Nottingham at that time. It was their several series on Military Uniforms that gave me an interest that I have followed for most of my Adult life.

Then I suppose I made the natural progression to Military Badges, for no particular reason I started to collect badges of the Scottish Regiments. Years later I saw my first enamelled badge of The French Foreign Legion, as a child I had read P.C.Wren’s Beau Geste and seen all of the Legion films featuring George Raft and Burt Lancaster. I soon re-developed an interest in everything to do with the Legion and Acquired quite a collection of their insignia, which unfortunately the house seems to have swallowed.

I am at the moment in a sort of crossroads situation, I would like to start collecting again, but what, it must be small, relatively inexpensive and pleasing to the eye. I can’t begin to imagine what that might encompass. Any suggestions!!


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