I can make you Immortal!

  The Artist had selected his canvas and was now busily mixing and blending his colours. His model was late, but he wasn’t surprised by that. She was a popular Courtesan and was kept busy by her clientele, he wasn’t concerned, she wouldn’t let him down, she had too much too lose, and her vanity would bring her to him.

What woman of style, courtesan or not, would not want to be immortalised by the Maestro Leonardo Da Vinci. She would arrive at any moment of that he was certain. He carried on with his mixing and blending and sure enough, she made her entrance.

Mona Lisa couldn’t just tap on the door, she had to make the grand theatrical gesture, the Artist smiled, she was so used to playing this part to her many suitors and clients that it had become almost a part of her. But I can’t blame her, thought Leonardo, that is how she makes her living.

He asked her to remove her cloak and sit on the seat he had prepared for her, ‘Why is the canvas so small, Maestro?’ The Maestro answered, ‘Once I have captured your smile, that small canvas will seem enormous, a larger canvas would be overwhelming!’

She seemed satisfied with the answer and sat and let the Artist pose her, once he was happy with the pose Leonardo began, he started by sketching the outline of her face then her eyes and nose, closely followed by her mouth paying special attention to the contour of her lips. Once satisfied with this the Maestro began adding colour and soon a picture began to appear on the once blank canvas.

Leonardo worked briskly but confidently, making every brush stroke count, after an hour it was possible to recognise his model, after two hours, she was almost complete but for a few clothing details that were to be added.

‘What do you think. My dear?’ asked the Maestro, seeking an opinion. ‘It is wonderful, and you have captured my smile beautifully, let me give you a hug, As she hugged him to her she felt his lips on her neck, it was nothing new to her, many of her suitors kissed and nibbled her neck. She smiled and thought, ‘Bite if you like, Maestro!’ but she was too late the Maestro had already sunk his fangs in to her jugular sending blood spurting out.

At the moment of death, it suddenly dawned on her, how she would become immortal, but all too late as Leonardo sucked away her life’s blood.

I am not for one moment suggesting that Leonardo da Vinci was in fact a Vampire but consider this, in his lifetime he was a famed Artist, Anatomist, Astronomer, Inventor, inventing among other things the Helicopter, the Aeroplane, the Submarine and numerous other ground breaking Inventions. He accomplished all these things in a lifespan of a mere 67 yrs. It may just be me? but I find this incredible!

(c) Damian Grange 2017



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  1. Love this. ❤

    Leonardo Da Vinci as a vampire. LOL !

    Gives a whole new meaning to the Da Vinci Code.

    And making Mona Lisa immortal.

    Have you heard that recent news story, Malcom, about how they recently found a nude sketch that appears to be that of the Mona Lisa?


  2. I hadn’t actually, I considered a naked Mona Lisa but thought it a little too obvious. The point I was trying to put across was how did he manage to do so much in such a small time frame. he lived to be 67 discount about 15 from that, that gives you a time of just over 50 years it seems incredible the things that he managed to achieve, did he never eat or sleep.

    Regards Malkie

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Geniuses always manage to find a way.

      I always wondered how my dad managed to do all the things he did- geologist, archaeologist, palaeontologist, historian, writer, artist, toy maker, game board designer and inventor.

      But he found a way.

      And he was no vampire. 🙂


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