I must be feeling my age!

  I have recently noticed that I am becoming more and more addicted to the Antiques Programs on the Television. I don’t know whether this is age related, I admit that I am well on the way to becoming an Antique myself! I am developing a lovely patina, or maybe it’s just my hair gel, but either way I’m fascinated.

I think half of the joy is seeing something old and unique with a providence or history that speaks volumes about the said artefact. OK! some of the items you see may be weird and wonderful but occasionally you get a real gem of an item that stops you in your tracks. That moment makes it all worthwhile.

I remember in my early teens walking up Mansfield Road in Nottingham which at that time had a plethora of Junk / Antique Emporiums. I used to stand with my nose pressed against the window, fascinated by the array of flintlock pistols, bayonets and other militaria that was available. They were not terribly expensive, but well out of the range of my pocket money. I often look back and wish I had been a little more frugal with my money so that I might have been able to purchase one or more of those treasures.

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