W.W.1. Ace Captain Albert Ball V.C. D.S.O & 2 Bars. M.C.

  I was born and raised in Nottingham, England as were my antecedents before me. I am proud of my city and county and it’s heritage. Today I feature one of it’s most illustrious sons. W.W.1 Fighter Ace Captain Albert Ball V.C. this young man who before he was shot down and killed himself, had shot down a total of 44 Enemy Aircraft, making him at that time the highest scoring British Ace. Albert like many other prominent pilots of all participating nations was a lone wolf pilot, in that he flew alone, picked his targets and attacked even though he was sometimes outnumbered. he was a very courageous young man and a credit to his upbringing. He was born on August 14th 1896 in Lenton, Nottingham. he enlisted in the Sherwood Foresters ( Notts and Derby Regt,) at the outbreak of the First World War and was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant but became rapidly disillusioned with the Infantry, he longed to be in the thick of the action. In February 1916, Albert joined 13 Squadron in France flying BE2c’s on reconnaissance missions. he later joined 11Squadron flying the Bristol Scout and it was there that he perfected the technique of aiming the upper wing mounted Lewis gun and attacking the enemy from below. In 1917 he was with 56 Squadron flying S.E.5a No.8898. On the evening of the 7th of May 1917 during an engagement with Lothar von Richtofen, the Red Baron’s younger sibling, near Douai he lost control of his plane in a storm cloud and subsequently crash landed, dying of his injuries. He was buried in France with full Military Honours. A noble end for a noble warrior!

The statue of Captain Albert Ball in the grounds of Nottingham Castle



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