I’ve something a little different today, a little slice of Gothic Horror.

The Priest was encountering severe difficulties filling the containers with Holy Water. At best not an easy task but one made even harder by his trembling hands. He was a man of God, but the fear that had infected the village had even managed to reach in to his soul.

To his knowledge he was the only one left in the village. The others had fled, hoping to find refuge elsewhere, or had been victims of the creature. The Vampire, if that was the name it went by.

He was not a courageous man, just a simple village priest. Who was petrified at the thought of squaring up to a creature of this kind. But someone had to, and it seemed that the role had been ordained for him by the cassock that he wore. The undead despised Priests.

He had gathered his weapons, if you could term them that. He had containers of Holy Water, which when thrown would burn the creature and distract it. His principle weapon was the Holy Cross, which was quite hefty and had a pointed end on which he hoped to impale the creature and bring about it’s demise. He also had his Latin prayers and incantations for defence against demons and other creatures from the abyss.

His arsenal was meagre but sufficient, if he could only find the courage to stand up like a man and face the creature. But he was a humble village priest, he was not a warrior and had no training as such. His strength was his faith, but he was beginning to have misgivings about that too.

He heard a noise, which both startled and frightened him, something or someone was tapping on the door of his Church, He called out, ‘ Who’s there? identify yourself ?’ a young girl’s voice answered, ‘ Please let me enter, Father, I’m frightened and it’s getting dark!’ The Priest although wary opened the door slightly to admit the little girl.

She was he thought a pretty little thing, but she seemed very pale and frightened. She looked around the Church, her eyes were everywhere, they missed nothing. the Priest couldn’t help but wonder why she was so curious. ‘ What is it child, what are you searching for?’ Her reply was, ‘ If the creature comes, we have no way out, only the door in which I entered.’ ‘ Don’t fret so child, if the creature comes I will defend you!’ said the priest marvelling at his new found courage.

The child looked up at him smiled and uttered, ‘ Fool!’ then she metamorphoses in to the Vampiress that she truly is. But the priest for all his timidity acted quickly, he threw the containers of Holy water in to the creatures face, temporarily blinding it. The creature was burnt and screamed in both pain and anger, the Priest lifted the Holy Cross with the point facing away from him and charged at the creature, impaling it while reciting the Latin Prayer to return the creature to the Abyss from whence it had come.

The creature turned to dust before his eyes, then vanished completely. The priest picked up the Holy Cross and retuned it to its rightful place in his Church. Then he knelt on his knees and gave thanks to his saviour.

(c) Damian Grange 2017

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