The Suspect – Conclusion

The phone on the desk rang several times, The Junior Inquisitor answered it, his face dropping as he took the call, he handed the phone to his Senior saying, ‘ I think you had better take this, it seems like we might have a problem?’ his Senior took the call, when the call was over, he slammed down the phone in frustration.

‘ Do I take it that my alibi just came through?’ asked a grinning suspect. ‘ Not at all!’ was the reply, ‘ But another Bank was robbed around ten minutes ago, and apparently by the same gang. I don’t believe for one moment that you are innocent, but with this new development I have no choice but to release you!’

A few minutes later, when the suspect walking away from the Police Station, he entered the first phone box, once inside he dialled 141, then the number that he sought to conceal, after a couple of rings it was answered.

‘ Excellent!’ said the suspect, ‘ You couldn’t have timed it better Sergeant, it was getting a little tense in there!, they were putting pressure on me!’ ‘ The ruse worked brilliantly Sir, like you always taught us, hide in plain sight’ Replied the Sergeant.

‘Very true no one ever suspects the obvious, it is beyond suspicion!’ ‘All credit due to you Sir, you were the perfect decoy!’ Said the Sergeant smiling.

(c) Damian Grange 2017

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