The Suspect – Part Six

The Junior Inquisitor dialled the number he had been given by the suspect, the phone rang several times, then was answered by a female voice, ‘ Abs Security, may I help you?’ ‘ I am trying to contact your Mr. Geoffrey Lester, is he available, it’s rather urgent, I am calling on behalf of the Metropolitan Police!’

I’m afraid he is out of the office at the moment, May I help in any way, I am Mr. Lester’s secretary. I keep control of his day to day appointments etc.’ ‘ You may be able to help, are you aware of any appointments he may have made to meet an old Army colleague outside the Northern Bank, there were six in total, all at random times, no set pattern to them in any way.’

There is nothing written in his diary, but I know that he did on occasion meet up with his old Army colleagues. the fact that they are random suggests to me that they were someone he was trying to slot in between his normal round of clients, a little odd, but not really that unusual!’ she answered openly.

‘Well!, so it would appear that you have no alibi which puts you back squarely in the frame!’ He stated as he rose from his chair and hovered menacingly over the suspect.

To Be Concluded – Tomorrow.


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