The Suspect – Part Four

‘Ok!, his name is Geoffrey Lester, Ex Major, My old C.O., he was trying to fix me up with a position at the security company that he works for. It was all a little hush-hush i gather it’s for some Ministry or other. He kept arranging to meet outside the Bank, but for one reason or another, he never turned up.’ ‘Did he contact you with his excuses?’ asked the Junior Inquisitor. ‘Not at the time, but as I found out later he is a very busy man with a lot of responsibilities and I was just an old acquaintance trying to get a job. I’m a little low on his priorities, I guess,’ stated the suspect sadly.

‘That’s all very well’ said the Inquisitor, ‘But will he vouch for your story and in doing so furnish you with an alibi, which I think you badly need?’ ‘What I fail to understand?’ queried the suspect, ‘Is, Why me?, at any given time there were probably upwards of a dozen people stood waiting outside that Bank, so why have I been selected as the guilty party, I just don’t get it!’

‘When we checked the surveillance tapes, you were there on at least a half a dozen occasions, others were there once or twice, but you were there the most often so by process of elimination you became our prime suspect!’ answered the Inquisitor. The suspect once again burst out laughing, much to the dismay of his questioners and said, while trying not to laugh, ‘Come home, Sherlock! all is forgiven! Dr.Watson is missing you?’

To Be Continued

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