The Suspect – Part Three

‘I think that maybe it’s time to come clean and explain why you were waiting outside the Bank at those particular times, I admit the thing that I find rather odd about them is that they appear to be quite random, that puzzles me?’ said the Chief Inquisitor.                  ‘Don’t tell me that you are finally beginning to have doubts, if that is the case, I’ll explain why I was waiting there, not that I think that for one second you will believe me?’ the suspect stated with conviction.

‘Why now?’ asked the Chief Inquisitor, ‘ You have kept it secret till now, Why?’                   The suspect appeared a little sheepish, then said, ‘Because it means I have to betray a comrade, it’s something I had no wish to do, but it would seem that I have very little choice in the matter.’

‘I respect your sense of loyalty, but your neck is the one on the block, not his! maybe now it’s time to start talking, for your own good, if not his!’                                                         ‘Point taken,’ said the suspect, I am out of work, which I would imagine is one of the reasons that I am a likely suspect, I suppose in your position it makes some sort of sense, although I for one fail to see it!’ he tried hard to suppress his anger but failed.

‘Well!’ stated the Inquisitor, ‘Betrayal or not, if he is your alibi, you had better spit it out, we need to know?’ he demanded angrily.

To Be Continued …….

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