The Suspect – Part Two

‘The robbery itself was planned meticulously and carried out expeditiously with the minimum of violence, with dare I say, almost military precision,’ was the reply. ‘And do forgive me if I am wrong, but I do believe that you are Ex – Army?’

‘I have never at any time denied it, but then I can’t deny a fact, and in any case I can’t answer a question I was never asked!’ he replied a little annoyed at the assumption. ‘Are you admitting that you have the necessary skills and training to have both planned and implemented this robbery?’ queried the Junior Inquisitor,’ Could you have learnt this whilst in the Army?’

The suspect, burst out laughing almost falling off his chair in the process, ‘That I must admit, is the most amusing thing I have heard for ages. you are saying that all the Army Officers who are made redundant by Defence cuts are out to supplement their pensions by robbing banks. That is by far the most ludicrous thing I have ever heard, even for the Police!’ he added sarcastically.

‘But my problem?’ stated the Chief Inquisitor, ‘Is that you were in the wrong place at the right time, on not one, but several occasions!’ ‘I have never denied it, or in any way, tried to conceal the fact, so what is your problem, Why me?’ he replied angrily, ‘Or are you too bloody idle to find the real perpetrators, so am I to be your scapegoat?’

To Be Continued ……




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