The Suspect – A short story with a twist, I hope you approve

Two burly Police Officers ushered the suspect in to the interrogation Room. He was advised to take a seat. The Officer in charge of the Interrogation offered him a cigarette, which he declined and a cup of tea, which he accepted. Whilst this was happening the Junior Member of the team placed a new tape in the recorder stating the time, date, the Officers present and the suspects name. ‘You are aware of why you are being held in custody, and the charges that have been levelled against you, do you require the services of a solicitor?’ was his offer to the suspect. ‘I am aware that I have been arrested, but not totally aware of what you appear to think I am guilty of, to my knowledge, I have committed no crime, I think I can happily save your solicitor a job.’ he replied nonchalantly, a satisfied smirk on his face as if he hadn’t a care in the world.

His Inquisitor, whose confidence had been slightly shaken, stated, ‘You have been identified as the man seen just outside the Northern Bank on several occasions just prior to the robbery there last month.’ ‘I have never at any time denied my presence there, so why have I been arrested? I’m afraid I don’t understand.’ replied the suspect looking somewhat bemused by it all.

‘Surely the very fact that you were seen there on several occasions, would give us reason to think that you were checking out the bank,’ stated the Chief Inquisitor, a little more confidently. ‘I have never disputed that’ answered the suspect, ‘But why me? to my knowledge I have never broken any laws, nor do I have a criminal record, so why am I here, why am I being persecuted?’

To Be Continued ……

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