First blog post

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9 thoughts on “First blog post

  1. I just looked at your Gravatar profile pic and it’s uncanny.

    There’s a character in my novel called Athelstan who’s the personal butler and valet to the London-based ancient Egyptian vampire Set.

    And your pic in my mind’s eye is exactly how I pictured Athelstan the butler.

    Do you have any acting experience on stage or in film?

    If any of my vampire novels are turned into movies, I’d recommend you for Athelstan because as I said, your Gravatar pic is exactly how I picture Athelstan in my mind’s eye.


    1. Hi Dracul,
      I did a little acting at school, but I worked as a musician for many years so I am no stranger to performing. I also write some gothic material but more traditional style. Thank you for your support

      Regards Malkie

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  2. Hello again Dracul,
    I played Bass Guitar and sang, occasionally on key but often rather badly depending on the amount of alcohol consumed prior to the performance. I am currently among my other various projects at work on a book of Gothic stories for release on Kindle, hopefully later this year or early next.

    Regards Malkie

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    1. Yes, that’s very true.

      Never enough hours in the day.

      That’s what I find too while I’m writing.

      By the way, did you ever read my comment on this particular blog post of yours? :

      Because I notice you still haven’t responded yet.

      I do know WordPress does a poor job of notifying beginning bloggers at their site that someone has commented and it might be ages before someone discovers a particular comment that was made.



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